The vagueness of Secular Buddhism

I’m looking for a path to atheist spirituality and I’ve looking more into Secular Buddhism. I have to admit, the results aren’t so promising, many are so vague as to be almost completely useless.

I’m looking for Buddhism minus beliefs, what I keeping seeing is much more content on beliefs in general, references to Buddhism material but very little meat. No answers to:

  • What can I explore as something spiritual?
  • What ceremonies can I lean on to support this?
  • What new ways could I reframe my view off the world?

I’ll continue to explore and see what I can find to help answer these, but so far(in the past) I’ve found Stoicism a much more concrete approach to these questions.

Atheist Religion

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept well in weeks. I’ve tried everything that’s recommended. Nothing works.

I remember when I was a kid and still believed in God. I’d say my nightly prayers and then straight to sleep. I’m not sure if it was the innocence of childhood or my faith that made it so easy but I’d try anything right now.

Maybe I could cobble together some personal spirituality, a mix of Alan Watts, meditation, maybe some Sam Harris and yoga. Maybe a sprinkle Krishnamurti. Has anyone out there put this together?

I could really do with the sleep.

Lazy Mindfuless

Recently I've been thinking a lot about being present, and how difficult I've found it to be present in the past, I tried so hard and could never crack it. My mind always going in any direction it wanted. Since my son arrived, I figured this quest would be impossible, I have no time to put the effort in. I'm present for my son where I can be but any free time, my mind is going everywhere.

Lately however, I'm noticing that something has started to shift in my mind. With work, chores, goals and my son I have very little time, but now when thoughts appear, there's a sort of effortless sluggishness that appears. When the thought appears my mind is beginning to lazily response with, "Nah, I can't be bothered" and it passes. I listen to Pzizz often at night to get to sleep, there's a sentence that the audio suggests to get to sleep which goes something like "Thoughts will arrive but you're not obligated to think them". Which sums it up perfectly.

I think I'm going to try cultivate this more, but it's made me realise that, effort isn't everything. There are aspects of life that just require patience. So if things don't stick right now, that's fine, maybe all you need is time.